Gazetteer of places in Scotland where a coal mining search IS required (A-Z)

- A -

Abbotsinch (Glasgow (City))

Abercrombie (Fife)

Aberlady (East Lothian)

Aberlady Bay (East Lothian)

Achentibber (Glasgow (City))

Achrimsdale (Highland)

Adamton Mains (South Ayrshire)

Addiewell (West Lothian)

Afton Bridgend (East Ayrshire)

Aikendean (Midlothian)

Airdrie (North Lanarkshire)

Airdriehill (North Lanarkshire)

Airth (Falkirk)

Allanbank (North Lanarkshire)

Allanton (North Lanarkshire)

Allanton (South Lanarkshire)

Alloa (Clackmannanshire)

Alloway (South Ayrshire)

Altonhill (East Ayrshire)

Alva (Clackmannanshire)

Annanhill (East Ayrshire)

Annathill (North Lanarkshire)

Annbank (South Ayrshire)

Anniesland (Glasgow (City))

Anstruther (Fife)

Ardeer (North Ayrshire)

Ardochrig (South Lanarkshire)

Ardrossan (North Ayrshire)

Ardtun (Argyll & Bute)

Armadale (West Lothian)

Arncroach (Fife)

Arniston Engine (Midlothian)

Aros (Argyll & Bute)

Ascog (Argyll & Bute)

Ashgill (South Lanarkshire)

Auchenbowie (Stirling)

Auchendinny (Midlothian)

Auchenfoil (South Ayrshire)

Auchengray (South Lanarkshire)

Auchenheath (South Lanarkshire)

Auchenmade (North Ayrshire)

Auchenskeith (North Ayrshire)

Auchentibber (South Lanarkshire)

Auchentiber (North Ayrshire)

Auchinleck (East Ayrshire)

Auchinloch (North Lanarkshire)

Auchinstarry (North Lanarkshire)

Auchlochan (South Lanarkshire)

Auchmillan (East Ayrshire)

Auchmuirbridge (Fife)

Auchterderran (Fife)

Auchterhead Muir (North Lanarkshire)

Auchtertool (Fife)

Auldhouse (South Lanarkshire)

Avenuehead (Stirling)

Avonbridge (Falkirk)

Ayr (South Ayrshire)


- B -

Baad's Mill (West Lothian)

Babbithill (Falkirk)

Back Rogerton (East Ayrshire)

Backmuir of Gilston (Fife)

Backmuir of New Gil (Fife)

Baddinnie (Fife)

Baillieston (Glasgow (City))

Baintown (Fife)

Balcurvie (Fife)

Baldinnie (Fife)

Balfarg (Fife)

Balgonar (Fife)

Balgrochan (East Dunbartonshire)

Ballencrieff (East Lothian)

Ballingry (Fife)

Ballmalloch (North Lanarkshire)

Balloch (North Lanarkshire)

Ballochmyle (East Ayrshire)

Ballone (Fife)

Balmalcolm (Fife)

Balmore (East Dunbartonshire)

Balmuir (West Lothian)

Balmule (Fife)

Balornock (Glasgow (City))

Bankend (South Lanarkshire)

Bankglen (East Ayrshire)

Bankhead (North Ayrshire)

Banknock (Falkirk)

Bankrugg (East Lothian)

Bannockburn (Stirling)

Banton (North Lanarkshire)

Barassie (South Ayrshire)

Barbieston (South Ayrshire)

Bardowie (East Dunbartonshire)

Bargeddie (North Lanarkshire)

Bargour (East Ayrshire)

Barlanark (Glasgow (City))

Barns (Borders)

Barr (Dumfries & Galloway)

Barrangary (Renfrewshire)

Barrhead (East Renfrewshire)

Barrmill (North Ayrshire)

Barskimming (East Ayrshire)

Bathgate (West Lothian)

Bathville (West Lothian)

Battlefield (Glasgow (City))

Bead's Mill (West Lothian)

Bearsden (West Dunbartonshire)

Beith (North Ayrshire)

Bellfield (South Lanarkshire)

Bellsbank (East Ayrshire)

Bellshill (North Lanarkshire)

Bellside (North Lanarkshire)

Bellsquarry (West Lothian)

Belmont (South Ayrshire)

Belston (South Ayrshire)

Belvedere (West Lothian)

Benbeach (East Ayrshire)

Bentfoot (North Lanarkshire)

Bents (West Lothian)

Bilston (Midlothian)

Binnend (Fife)

Binniehill (Falkirk)

Birdston (East Dunbartonshire)

Birkenshaw (North Lanarkshire)

Birkenshaw (South Lanarkshire)

Bishopbriggs (East Dunbartonshire)

Bishopton (Renfrewshire)

Blackburn (West Lothian)

Blackness (Falkirk)

Blackridge (West Lothian)

Blackside (East Ayrshire)

Blackwood (South Lanarkshire)

Blairhall (Fife)

Blairingone (Perth & Kinross)

Blairlogie (Stirling)

Blairskaith (East Dunbartonshire)

Blantyre (South Lanarkshire)

Blebocraigs (Fife)

Bo'Ness (Falkirk)

Bogend (South Ayrshire)

Boghall (Midlothian)

Boghall (West Lothian)

Boghead (South Lanarkshire)

Bogknowe (Dumfries & Galloway)

Bogside (North Lanarkshire)

Bolton (East Lothian)

Bonahill (South Lanarkshire)

Bonkle (North Lanarkshire)

Bonnington (Edinburgh (City))

Bonnybank (Fife)

Bonnybridge (Falkirk)

Bonnyrigg (Midlothian)

Bonnyton (East Ayrshire)

Borrowstoun (Falkirk)

Borthwick (Midlothian)

Bothwell (South Lanarkshire)

Bowershall (Fife)

Brackenhurst (North Lanarkshire)

Braeface (Falkirk)

Braefoot (Dumfries & Galloway)

Braehead (South Lanarkshire)

Braidwood (South Lanarkshire)

Breich (West Lothian)

Bridge of Allan (Stirling)

Bridge of Weir (Renfrewshire)

Bridgend (Argyll & Bute)

Bridgend (Fife)

Bridgend (West Lothian)

Brieryside (South Ayrshire)

Brightons (Falkirk)

Brocketsbrae (South Lanarkshire)

Broken Cross (South Lanarkshire)

Brookfield (Renfrewshire)

Broomlands (Renfrewshire)

Brora (Highland)

Broxburn (East Lothian)

Broxburn (West Lothian)

Buckhaven (Fife)

Bunessan (Argyll & Bute)

Burnbrae (North Lanarkshire)

Burnfoot (East Dunbartonshire)

Burnhouse (North Ayrshire)

Burnside (East Ayrshire)

Burnside (West Lothian)

Burnton (East Ayrshire)

Burnwynd (West Lothian)

Busbiehead (East Ayrshire)

Busby (East Renfrewshire)

Byreburnfoot (Dumfries & Galloway)


- C -


Cadder (East Dunbartonshire)

Cadham (Fife)

Cagar Feosaig (Highland)

Cairneyhill (Fife)

Cairngillan (South Ayrshire)

Cairntable (East Ayrshire)

Calderbank (North Lanarkshire)

Caldercruix (North Lanarkshire)

California (Falkirk)

Cambus (Clackmannanshire)

Cambusbarron (Stirling)

Cambuskenneth (Stirling)

Cambuslang (South Lanarkshire)

Camelon (Falkirk)

Camlachie (Glasgow (City))

Canonbie (Dumfries & Galloway)

Caplaw (East Renfrewshire)

Caprington (East Ayrshire)

Carcluie (South Ayrshire)

Cardenden (Fife)

Cardonald (Glasgow (City))

Carfin (North Lanarkshire)

Carlops (Borders)

Carluke (South Lanarkshire)

Carmacoup (South Lanarkshire)

Carmunnock (Glasgow (City))

Carmyle (Glasgow (City))

Carnbee (Fife)

Carnduff (South Lanarkshire)

Carnell (East Ayrshire)

Carnock (Fife)

Carntyne (Glasgow (City))

Carnwadric (Glasgow (City))

Carriden (Falkirk)

Carrington (Midlothian)

Carron (Falkirk)

Cartland (South Lanarkshire)

Castlebrae (Dumfries & Galloway)

Castlecary (Falkirk)

Castlehill (West Dunbartonshire)

Castleton (Borders)

Cathcart (Glasgow (City))

Catrine (East Ayrshire)

Cauldhall Moor (Midlothian)

Cauldside (Dumfries & Galloway)

Causewayhead (Stirling)

Ceres (Fife)

Champany (West Lothian)

Chapel (Fife)

Chapelhall (North Lanarkshire)

Chapelton (South Lanarkshire)

Charlestown (Fife)

Chartershall (Stirling)

Chesterhill (Midlothian)

Chiscan (Argyll & Bute)

Chryston (North Lanarkshire)

Clackmannan (Clackmannanshire)

Clarkston (East Renfrewshire)

Claygate (Dumfries & Galloway)

Cleekhimin (North Lanarkshire)

Cleish (Perth & Kinross)

Cleish Hills (Perth & Kinross)

Cleland (North Lanarkshire)

Climpy (South Lanarkshire)

Cluny (Fife)

Clunybridge (Fife)

Clydebank (West Dunbartonshire)

Clydesdale (South Lanarkshire)

Clynelish (Highland)

Coalburn (South Lanarkshire)

Coalhall (East Ayrshire)

Coalsnaughton (Clackmannanshire)

Coaltown of Wemyss (Fife)

Coatbridge (North Lanarkshire)

Coatdyke (North Lanarkshire)

Cock Rig (Midlothian)

Cockenzie and Port Seton (East Lothian)

Colinsburgh (Fife)

Collenan (South Ayrshire)

Comrie (Fife)

Condorrat (North Lanarkshire)

Connel Park (East Ayrshire)

Coodham (South Ayrshire)

Corsliehill (Renfrewshire)

Corston (West Lothian)

Corstorphine (Edinburgh (City))

Cousland (Midlothian)

Cowdenbeath (Fife)

Cowdenburn (Borders)

Cowie (Stirling)

Cowstrandburn (Fife)

Coylton (South Ayrshire)

Craigbank (East Ayrshire)

Craigburn (Borders)

Craigend (Renfrewshire)

Craigenfeoch (Renfrewshire)

Craigengillan (East Ayrshire)

Craigens (East Ayrshire)

Craigie (South Ayrshire)

Craigman (East Ayrshire)

Craigmill (Stirling)

Craigmillar (Edinburgh (City))

Craigmorloch (North Lanarkshire)

Craigneuk (North Lanarkshire)

Craigrothie (Fife)

Craigs (Argyll & Bute)

Crail (Fife)

Cramond (Edinburgh (City))

Crawick (Dumfries & Galloway)

Crichton (Midlothian)

Crindledyke (North Lanarkshire)

Crofthead (South Ayrshire)

Cronberry (East Ayrshire)

Crookedholm (East Ayrshire)

Crosbie Hills (North Ayrshire)

Crossburn (Falkirk)

Crossford (Fife)

Crossford (South Lanarkshire)

Crossgatehall (East Lothian)

Crossgates (East Ayrshire)

Crossgates (Fife)

Crosshands (East Ayrshire)

Crosshill (Fife)

Crosshill (South Ayrshire)

Crosshouse (East Ayrshire)

Crosslee (Renfrewshire)

Crossroads (East Ayrshire)

Crowhill (East Lothian)

Croy (North Lanarkshire)

Cruachan Min Mull (Argyll & Bute)

Culross (Fife)

Cumberhead (South Lanarkshire)

Cumbernauld (North Lanarkshire)

Cumnock (East Ayrshire)

Cunninghamhead (North Ayrshire)


- D -

Dailly (South Ayrshire)

Dalblair (East Ayrshire)

Dalchalm (Highland)

Dalgarven (North Ayrshire)

Dalgig (East Ayrshire)

Dalguharran (South Ayrshire)

Dalivaddy (Argyll & Bute)

Dalkeith (Midlothian)

Dalleagles (East Ayrshire)

Dalmarnock (Glasgow (City))

Dalmellington (East Ayrshire)

Dalmeny (Edinburgh (City))

Dalmeny Rows (Edinburgh (City))

Dalmuir (West Dunbartonshire)

Dalry (North Ayrshire)

Dalrymple (East Ayrshire)

Dalserf (South Lanarkshire)

Dalton (South Lanarkshire)

Damside (Borders)

Danderhall (Midlothian)

Darlochan East (Argyll & Bute)

Darlochan West (Argyll & Bute)

Darvel (East Ayrshire)

Daryel (East Ayrshire)

Deadwaters (South Lanarkshire)

Deans (West Lothian)

Dechmont (West Lothian)

Dechmont Road (West Lothian)

Dedridge (West Lothian)

Denhead (Fife)

Dennistoun (Glasgow (City))

Denny (Falkirk)

Dennyloanhead (Falkirk)

Devonside (Clackmannanshire)

Dewarton (Midlothian)

Dikehead (South Lanarkshire)

Dinlabyre (Borders)

Doll (Highland)

Dollar (Clackmannanshire)

Dollarbeg (Clackmannanshire)

Dollarfield (Clackmannanshire)

Donibristle (Fife)

Doonbank (East Ayrshire)

Doonfoot (South Ayrshire)

Doonholm (South Ayrshire)

Douglas (South Lanarkshire)

Douglas West (South Lanarkshire)

Draffan (South Lanarkshire)

Drakemyre (North Ayrshire)

Dreghorn (North Ayrshire)

Drongan (East Ayrshire)

Drum (Argyll & Bute)

Drum (Falkirk)

Drumalbin (South Lanarkshire)

Drumbrae (Stirling)

Drumchapel (Glasgow (City))

Drumcross (West Lothian)

Drumeldrie (Fife)

Drumlemble (Argyll & Bute)

Drumore (East Ayrshire)

Drunfork (East Ayrshire)

Drybridge (North Ayrshire)

Duddingston (Edinburgh (City))

Dullatur (North Lanarkshire)

Dumyat (Stirling)

Dundonald (South Ayrshire)

Dunfermline (Fife)

Dunino (Fife)

Dunipace (Falkirk)

Dunlop (East Ayrshire)

Dunmore (Falkirk)

Dunotter (Fife)

Duntocher (West Dunbartonshire)

Dykehead (North Lanarkshire)

Dysart (Fife)


- E -


Earlsferry (Fife)

Earlston (East Ayrshire)

East Barns (East Lothian)

East Calder (West Lothian)

East Flatt (East Ayrshire)

East Kerse (Renfrewshire)

East Kerse Mains (Falkirk)

East Kilbride (South Lanarkshire)

East Lochhead (Renfrewshire)

East Pitcorthie (Fife)

East Plean (Stirling)

East Saltoun (East Lothian)

East Torphin (West Lothian)

East Wemyss (Fife)

East Whitburn (West Lothian)

Easter Aldie (Perth & Kinross)

Easter Clynekirkton (Highland)

Easter Howgate (Midlothian)

Easter Pencaitland (East Lothian)

Easter Pitkierie (Fife)

Easterhouse (Glasgow (City))

Eastertown (South Lanarkshire)

Eastfield (North Lanarkshire)

Easthouses (Midlothian)

Ecclesmachan (West Lothian)

Eddlewood (South Lanarkshire)

Edinburgh ((Check District))

Edinburgh Bonnington (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Corstorphine (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Craigmillar (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Cramond (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Dalmeny (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Dalmeny Rows (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Duddingston (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Fairmilehead (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Gilmerton (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Gogar (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Granton (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Ingliston (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Joppa (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Kaimes (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Kirkliston (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Liberton (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Long Hermiston (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Newbridge (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Newcraighall (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Portobello (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Queensferry (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Ratho (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh South Queensferry (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Turnhouse (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Wardie (Edinburgh (City))

Edinburgh Whelpside (Edinburgh (City))

Elderslie (Renfrewshire)

Elie (Fife)

Elphingstone (East Lothian)

Elphinstone (East Lothian)

Elvingston (East Lothian)

Eorabus (Argyll & Bute)

Erskine (Renfrewshire)

Eskbank (Midlothian)


- F -


Faifley (West Dunbartonshire)

Fail (South Ayrshire)

Failford (South Ayrshire)

Fairmilehead (Edinburgh (City))

Fala (Midlothian)

Falkirk (Falkirk)

Fallin (Stirling)

Fauldhouse (West Lothian)

Fenwick (East Ayrshire)

Ferguslie Park (Renfrewshire)

Ferniegair (South Lanarkshire)

Fishcross (Clackmannanshire)

Fisherrow (East Lothian)

Flemington (South Lanarkshire)

Fordell (Fife)

Forest Mill (Clackmannanshire)

Forestfield (North Lanarkshire)

Forrestfield (North Lanarkshire)

Forth (South Lanarkshire)

Foxbar (Renfrewshire)

Freuchie (Fife)

Fullarton (North Ayrshire)


- G -


Gadgirth (South Ayrshire)

Gairney Bank (Perth & Kinross)

Gairneybridge (Perth & Kinross)

Gallatown (Fife)

Gallowhill (Renfrewshire)

Galston (East Ayrshire)

Garnieland (Renfrewshire)

Garnkirk (North Lanarkshire)

Garrallan (East Ayrshire)

Garscadden (Glasgow (City))

Gart Law (South Lanarkshire)

Gartcosh (North Lanarkshire)

Garthamlock (Glasgow (City))

Garthwhinzean (Perth & Kinross)

Gartlove (Clackmannanshire)

Gartness (North Lanarkshire)

Gartsherrie (North Lanarkshire)

Gass (South Ayrshire)

Gatehead (East Ayrshire)

Gateside (East Renfrewshire)

Gateside (North Ayrshire)

Georgetown (Renfrewshire)

Giffnock (East Renfrewshire)

Giffordland (North Ayrshire)

Gillside (Borders)

Gilmerton (Edinburgh (City))

Girdle Toll (North Ayrshire)

Gladsmuir (East Lothian)

Glasgow ((Check District))

Glasgow (City Centre)

Glasgow Abbotsinch (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Abbotsinch (Renfrewshire)

Glasgow Achentibber (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Anniesland (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Baillieston (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Balornock (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Barlanark (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Battlefield (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Camlachie (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Cardonald (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Carmunnock (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Carmyle (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Carntyne (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Carnwadric (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Cathcart (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Dalmarnock (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Dennistoun (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Drumchapel (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Easterhouse (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Garscadden (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Garthamlock (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Govan (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Govanhill (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Hamiltonhill (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Hillhead (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Hillington (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Hyndland (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Jordanhill (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Knightswood (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Lambhill (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Langside (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Lochwood (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Maryhill (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Millerston (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Mount Vernon (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Nitshill (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Partick (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Pollok (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Pollokshaws (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Pollokshields (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Possilpark (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Queenslie (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Robroyston (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Ruchill (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Scotstoun (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Shettleston (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Springboig (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Springburn (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Summerston (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Temple (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Tollcross (Glasgow (City))

Glasgow Yoker (Glasgow (City))

Glassford (South Lanarkshire)

Glen Village (Falkirk)

Glenboig (North Lanarkshire)

Glenbuck (East Ayrshire)

Glenburn (Renfrewshire)

Glencartholm (Dumfries & Galloway)

Glencraig (Fife)

Glencraigs (Argyll & Bute)

Glengarnock (North Ayrshire)

Glengarth (Renfrewshire)

Glenmavis (North Lanarkshire)

Glenmuir (East Ayrshire)

Glenmuirshaw (East Ayrshire)

Glenrothes (Fife)

Glentaggart (South Lanarkshire)

Glespin (South Lanarkshire)

Gogar (Edinburgh (City))

Gorebridge (Midlothian)

Gourlaw (Midlothian)

Govan (Glasgow (City))

Govanhill (Glasgow (City))

Gowanbrae (Argyll & Bute)

Gowkhall (Fife)

Grange (East Ayrshire)

Grangemouth (Falkirk)

Grangepans (Falkirk)

Granton (Edinburgh (City))

Greenburn (West Lothian)

Greengairs (North Lanarkshire)

Greenhill (Falkirk)

Greenhole (East Ayrshire)

Greenholm (East Ayrshire)

Greenrig (South Lanarkshire)

Greyrigg (Falkirk)

Gullane (East Lothian)


- H -


Halbeath (Fife)

Halket (East Ayrshire)

Hall (East Renfrewshire)

Hall Glen (Falkirk)

Halmyre Mains (Borders)

Hamilton (South Lanarkshire)

Hamiltonhill (Glasgow (City))

Happendon (South Lanarkshire)

Harburn (West Lothian)

Harburnhead (West Lothian)

Hardgate (West Dunbartonshire)

Harelaw (Dumfries & Galloway)

Harelawmill (Dumfries & Galloway)

Harthill (North Lanarkshire)

Hartwood (North Lanarkshire)

Haugh (East Ayrshire)

Haughhead Inn (East Dunbartonshire)

Haupland Muir (North Ayrshire)

Hawksland (South Lanarkshire)

Hayhill (East Ayrshire)

Hazelbank (South Lanarkshire)

Hazelside (South Lanarkshire)

Headlesscross (North Lanarkshire)

Heads (South Lanarkshire)

Heathfield (South Ayrshire)

Helenton (South Ayrshire)

Hendrey's Corse (West Lothian)

Heuksland (Dumfries & Galloway)

High Ballevain (Argyll & Bute)

High Banton (North Lanarkshire)

High Blantyre (South Lanarkshire)

High Bonnybridge (Falkirk)

High Brownmuir (South Lanarkshire)

High Cleughearn (South Lanarkshire)

High Cross (East Ayrshire)

High Gallowberry (East Ayrshire)

High Knoweglass (South Lanarkshire)

High Limerigg (Falkirk)

High Mount (East Ayrshire)

High Pennyvenie (East Ayrshire)

High Tirfergus (Argyll & Bute)

High Valleyfield (Fife)

Highfield (North Ayrshire)

Hill End (Fife)

Hill of Beath (Fife)

Hillend (Fife)

Hillend (Midlothian)

Hillend (North Lanarkshire)

Hillhead (Glasgow (City))

Hillhead (South Lanarkshire)

Hillhead (Stirling)

Hillington (Glasgow (City))

Hollows (Dumfries & Galloway)

Hollybush (East Ayrshire)

Holmhead (East Ayrshire)

Holytown (North Lanarkshire)

Horse Isle (North Ayrshire)

Houston (Renfrewshire)

Houston & Crosslee (Renfrewshire)

Howgate (Midlothian)

Howwood (Renfrewshire)

Humble Mill (East Lothian)

Hurlford (East Ayrshire)

Hyndland (Glasgow (City))


- I -


Inchcolm (Fife)

Inchinnan (Renfrewshire)

Ingliston (Edinburgh (City))

Innerleven (Fife)

Innerwick (East Lothian)

Inveravon (Falkirk)

Inveresk (East Lothian)

Inverkeithing (Fife)

Irvine (North Ayrshire)

Irvine Mains (North Ayrshire)

- J -


Jackton (South Lanarkshire)

Jawcraig (Falkirk)

Jellieston (East Ayrshire)

Johnstone (Renfrewshire)

Joppa (Edinburgh (City))

Joppa (South Ayrshire)

Jordanhill (Glasgow (City))

- K -


Kaimes (Edinburgh (City))

Kame (Fife)

Kames (East Ayrshire)

Keilarsbrae (Clackmannanshire)

Kellie Law (Fife)

Kellohola (Dumfries & Galloway)

Kelloholm (Dumfries & Galloway)

Kelloside (Dumfries & Galloway)

Kelty (Fife)

Kelvinhead (North Lanarkshire)

Kemback (Fife)

Kennet (Clackmannanshire)

Kennoway (Fife)

Kerse Square (East Ayrshire)

Kettlebridge (Fife)

Kibarchan (Renfrewshire)

Kilbagie (Clackmannanshire)

Kilbarchan (Renfrewshire)

Kilbirnie (North Ayrshire)

Kilchenzie (Argyll & Bute)

Kilconquhar (Fife)

Kilgrammie (South Ayrshire)

Kilkerran (South Ayrshire)

Kilmarnock (East Ayrshire)

Kilmaurs (East Ayrshire)

Kilncadzow (South Lanarkshire)

Kilnford (South Ayrshire)

Kilrenny (Fife)

Kilsyth (North Lanarkshire)

Kilwinning (North Ayrshire)

Kincardine (Fife)

King's Law (South Lanarkshire)

Kinglassie (Fife)

Kingseat (Fife)

Kingseathill (Fife)

Kingsford (East Ayrshire)

Kingskettle (Fife)

Kingsmuir (Fife)

Kintradwell (Highland)

Kirk of Shotts (North Lanarkshire)

Kirkcaldy (Fife)

Kirkconnel (Dumfries & Galloway)

Kirkfield (South Lanarkshire)

Kirkfieldbank (South Lanarkshire)

Kirkintilloch (East Dunbartonshire)

Kirkland (Dumfries & Galloway)

Kirkliston (Edinburgh (City))

Kirkmuirhill (South Lanarkshire)

Kirknewton (West Lothian)

Kirktoun (East Ayrshire)

Kirton of Largo (Fife)

Knightswood (Glasgow (City))

Knipe The (East Ayrshire)

Knockburnie (East Ayrshire)

Knockentiber (East Ayrshire)

Knockinlaw (East Ayrshire)

Knox Knowe (Borders)

- L -

Ladeddie (Fife)

Ladybank (South Ayrshire)

Laigh Cairn (Dumfries & Galloway)

Laigh Church (East Ayrshire)

Laigh Fenwick (East Ayrshire)

Laigh Glenmuir (East Ayrshire)

Laighmuir (East Ayrshire)

Laighstonehall (South Lanarkshire)

Lambhill (Glasgow (City))

Langdyke (Fife)

Langside (Glasgow (City))

Larbert (Falkirk)

Largo Law (Fife)

Largoward (Fife)

Larkhall (South Lanarkshire)

Lassodie (Fife)

Lasswade (Midlothian)

Lathones (Fife)

Laurieston (Falkirk)

Law (South Lanarkshire)

Leadburn (Midlothian)

Lee (Argyll & Bute)

Lennoxtown (East Dunbartonshire)

Lenzie (East Dunbartonshire)

Leslie (Fife)

Leven (Fife)

Liberton (Edinburgh (City))

Liddesdale (Borders)

Limekilnburn (South Lanarkshire)

Limekilns (Fife)

Limerigg (Falkirk)

Limmerhaugh (East Ayrshire)

Linktown (Fife)

Linlithgow (West Lothian)

Linlithgow Bridge (West Lothian)

Linwood (Renfrewshire)

Littlemill (East Ayrshire)

Livingston (West Lothian)

Livingston Village (West Lothian)

Livingstone (West Lothian)

Loan (Falkirk)

Loanhead (Midlothian)

Loanhead (Stirling)

Loans (South Ayrshire)

Lochgelly (Fife)

Lochill (East Ayrshire)

Lochore (Fife)

Lochty (Fife)

Lochwinnoch (Renfrewshire)

Lochwood (Glasgow (City))

Logan (East Ayrshire)

Loganlea (West Lothian)

Long Cairn (North Ayrshire)

Long Hermiston (Edinburgh (City))

Longbar (North Ayrshire)

Longcroft (Falkirk)

Longniddry (East Lothian)

Longridge (West Lothian)

Longriggend (North Lanarkshire)

Lothbeg (Highland)

Low Ballevain (Argyll & Bute)

Low Coylton (South Ayrshire)

Low Craighead (South Ayrshire)

Low Limerigg (Falkirk)

Low Torry (Fife)

Low Valleyfield (Fife)

Lower Largo (Fife)

Luffness (East Lothian)

Lugar (East Ayrshire)

Luggiebank (North Lanarkshire)

Lugton (East Ayrshire)

Lumloch (East Dunbartonshire)

Lumphinnans (Fife)

Lundin Links (Fife)

- M -


Machrihanish (Argyll & Bute)

Macmerry (East Lothian)

Macrihanish (Argyll & Bute)

Maddiston (Falkirk)

Mains (Highland)

Mains of Blairingon (Perth & Kinross)

Mains of Throsk (Stirling)

Maneight (East Ayrshire)

Mansfield (East Ayrshire)

Markinch (Fife)

Marnock (North Lanarkshire)

Martnaham Mains (East Ayrshire)

Maryhill (Glasgow (City))

Masterton (Fife)

Mauchline (East Ayrshire)

Maxwellston (South Ayrshire)

Mayfield (Midlothian)

Meadowfield (Fife)

Meikle Carco (Dumfries & Galloway)

Meikle Cutstraw (East Ayrshire)

Meikle Earnock (South Lanarkshire)

Meikleyard (East Ayrshire)

Mennock (Dumfries & Galloway)

Menstrie (Clackmannanshire)

Merrylees (West Lothian)

Methil (Fife)

Mid Calder (West Lothian)

Middle Muir (South Lanarkshire)

Middlefield Law (East Ayrshire)

Middleton (Midlothian)

Middleton (North Ayrshire)

Milesmark (Fife)

Millarston (Renfrewshire)

Millburn (South Ayrshire)

Millerhill (Midlothian)

Millerston (Glasgow (City))

Millerston (North Lanarkshire)

Millheugh (South Lanarkshire)

Milliken Park (Renfrewshire)

Millmoor (South Lanarkshire)

Milngavie (West Dunbartonshire)

Milton Bridge (Midlothian)

Milton of Balgonie (Fife)

Milton of Campsie (East Dunbartonshire)

Minishant (South Ayrshire)

Mollinsburn (North Lanarkshire)

Monkton (South Ayrshire)

Monktonhill (South Ayrshire)

Montgarswood (East Ayrshire)

Montgreenan (North Ayrshire)

Montrave (Fife)

Moodiesburn (North Lanarkshire)

Morningside (North Lanarkshire)

Moscow (East Ayrshire)

Mossblown (South Ayrshire)

Mossdale (East Ayrshire)

Mossend (North Lanarkshire)

Mossend (West Lothian)

Mossgiel (East Ayrshire)

Motherwell (North Lanarkshire)

Mount Lothian (Midlothian)

Mount Vernon (Glasgow (City))

Mugdock (Stirling)

Muirhead (Falkirk)

Muirhead (Fife)

Muirhead (North Lanarkshire)

Muirhouses (Falkirk)

Muirkirk (East Ayrshire)

Munnoch (North Ayrshire)

Musselburgh (East Lothian)

- N -

Neilston (East Renfrewshire)

Neilston Pad (East Renfrewshire)

Nemphlar (South Lanarkshire)

Nerston (South Lanarkshire)

Ness Glen (East Ayrshire)

Nether Kirkton (East Renfrewshire)

Nether Wellwood (East Ayrshire)

Nether Whitecleuch (South Lanarkshire)

Netherburn (South Lanarkshire)

Netherthird (East Ayrshire)

Netherwood (East Ayrshire)

New Cumnock (East Ayrshire)

New Mains (Renfrewshire)

New Monkland (North Lanarkshire)

New Prestwick (South Ayrshire)

New Sauchie (Clackmannanshire)

New Stevenston (North Lanarkshire)

New Town (East Lothian)

New Trows (South Lanarkshire)

New Winton (East Lothian)

Newailns (East Ayrshire)

Newark (Dumfries & Galloway)

Newarthill (North Lanarkshire)

Newbattle (Midlothian)

Newbigging (Midlothian)

Newbigging (Burntisland) (Fife)

Newbridge (Edinburgh (City))

Newcastleton (Borders)

Newcraighall (Edinburgh (City))

Newhouse (North Lanarkshire)

Newlandrig (Midlothian)

Newmains (North Lanarkshire)

Newmills (Fife)

Newmilns (East Ayrshire)

Newton (South Lanarkshire)

Newton (West Lothian)

Newton Mearns (East Renfrewshire)

Newton on Ayr (South Ayrshire)

Newtongrange (Midlothian)

Newtonloan (Midlothian)

Newtown (Dumfries & Galloway)

Newtown of Beltrees (Renfrewshire)

Niddry Rows (West Lothian)

Nitshill (Glasgow (City))

North Cobbinshaw (West Lothian)

North Fergushill (South Ayrshire)

North Hourat (North Ayrshire)

North Kilrusken (North Ayrshire)

North Middleton (Midlothian)

North Palmerston (East Ayrshire)

Norwood (Clackmannanshire)

- O -

Oakbank (West Lothian)

Oakley (Fife)

Ochiltree (East Ayrshire)

Old Barr (Dumfries & Galloway)

Old Coalburn (East Ayrshire)

Old Dailly (South Ayrshire)

Old Kilpatrick (West Dunbartonshire)

Old Monkland (North Lanarkshire)

Old Philipstoun (West Lothian)

Old Sauchie (Stirling)

Oldhamstocks (East Lothian)

Onthank (East Ayrshire)

Orchardhead (Fife)

Ormiston (East Lothian)

Orrock (Fife)

Over Dalhanna (East Ayrshire)

Over Stenton (Fife)

Overtown (North Lanarkshire)

Oxwell Mains (East Lothian)

- P -

Paisley (Renfrewshire)

Parkhall (West Dunbartonshire)

Parkside (North Lanarkshire)

Partick (Glasgow (City))

Pathhead (East Ayrshire)

Pathhead (Fife)

Pathhead (Midlothian)

Patna (East Ayrshire)

Peaston Bank (East Lothian)

Peat Inn (Fife)

Peattiesmuir (Fife)

Pencaitland (East Lothian)

Penicuik (Midlothian)

Penkill (South Ayrshire)

Perceton (North Ayrshire)

Pettycur (Fife)

Philpstoun (West Lothian)

Pitcon Mains (North Ayrshire)

Pitkevy (Fife)

Pitlessie (Fife)

Pitscottie (Fife)

Pittenweem (Fife)

Pitteuchar (Fife)

Plains (North Lanarkshire)

Plean (Stirling)

Polbeth (West Lothian)

Pollok (Glasgow (City))

Pollokshaws (Glasgow (City))

Pollokshields (Glasgow (City))

Polmont (Falkirk)

Polnessan (East Ayrshire)

Polquhairn (East Ayrshire)

Polshill (East Ayrshire)

Polton (Midlothian)

Pomathorn (Midlothian)

Pool of Muckhart (Clackmannanshire)

Port Seton (East Lothian)

Portobello (Edinburgh (City))

Possilpark (Glasgow (City))

Powmill (Perth & Kinross)

Pratis (Fife)

Prestonpans (East Lothian)

Prestwick (South Ayrshire)

Priesthill Height (East Ayrshire)

Prior Muir (Fife)

Priorletham (Fife)

Pumpherston (West Lothian)

Purclewan (East Ayrshire)

- Q -

Quarter (South Lanarkshire)

Queensferry (Edinburgh (City))

Queenslie (Glasgow (City))

Queenzieburn (North Lanarkshire)

- R -

Radernie (Fife)

Ranfurly (Renfrewshire)

Rankinston (East Ayrshire)

Raploch (Stirling)

Ratho (Edinburgh (City))

Raw Camps (West Lothian)

Redding (Falkirk)

Reddingmuirhead (Falkirk)

Renfrew (Renfrewshire)

Riccarton (East Ayrshire)

Riggend (North Lanarkshire)

Rigside (South Lanarkshire)

Roadmeetings (South Lanarkshire)

Roadside (East Ayrshire)

Roan of Craigoch (South Ayrshire)

Robroyston (Glasgow (City))

Rogerton (South Lanarkshire)

Romanno Bridge (Borders)

Rootpark (South Lanarkshire)

Rosebank (South Lanarkshire)

Rosemount (East Ayrshire)

Rosewell (Midlothian)

Roslin (Midlothian)

Rossland (Renfrewshire)

Rosyth (Fife)

Rowanburn (Dumfries & Galloway)

Ruchill (Glasgow (City))

Rumblingbridge (Clackmannanshire)

Rumford (Falkirk)

Rutherglen (South Lanarkshire)

- S -

Saline (Fife)

Salsburgh (North Lanarkshire)

Saltcoats (North Ayrshire)

Samuelston (East Lothian)

Sandford (South Lanarkshire)

Sandhills (South Ayrshire)

Sandyford (South Ayrshire)

Sanquhar (Dumfries & Galloway)

Sauchinford (Stirling)

Saughland (Midlothian)

Scald Law (Midlothian)

Scoonie (Fife)

Scotlandwell (Perth & Kinross)

Scotstoun (Glasgow (City))

Seafield (South Ayrshire)

Seafield (West Lothian)

Seton Mains (East Lothian)

Shawton (South Lanarkshire)

Shawtonhill (South Lanarkshire)

Shawwood (East Ayrshire)

Sheddens (East Renfrewshire)

Shettleston (Glasgow (City))

Shieldhill (Falkirk)

Shieldmuir (North Lanarkshire)

Shortless (East Ayrshire)

Shotts (North Lanarkshire)

Silverburn (Midlothian)

Sinclairston (East Ayrshire)

Skares (East Ayrshire)

Skateraw (East Lothian)

Skeldon Mills (South Ayrshire)

Skinflats (Falkirk)

Slamannan (Falkirk)

Smallburn (East Ayrshire)

Sorbietrees (Borders)

Sorn (East Ayrshire)

Sornhill (East Ayrshire)

South Alloa (Falkirk)

South Bellsdyke (Falkirk)

South Camphill (North Ayrshire)

South Cobbinshaw (West Lothian)

South Fergushill (North Ayrshire)

South Hourat (North Ayrshire)

South Limmerhaugh (East Ayrshire)

South Mains (Dumfries & Galloway)

South Palmerston (East Ayrshire)

South Queensferry (Edinburgh (City))

South Tarbrax (South Lanarkshire)

Soutra Mains (Midlothian)

Spalefield (Fife)

Spittal (East Lothian)

Springboig (Glasgow (City))

Springburn (Glasgow (City))

Springside (North Ayrshire)

St Andrews (Fife)

St Monans (Fife)

St Ninians (Stirling)

St Quivox (South Ayrshire)

St. Serf's Island (Perth & Kinross)

Stair (East Ayrshire)

Stand (North Lanarkshire)

Standburn (Falkirk)

Stane (North Lanarkshire)

Stannery Knowe (East Ayrshire)

Star (Fife)

Star (South Lanarkshire)

Steelend (Fife)

Stenhousemuir (Falkirk)

Stepps (North Lanarkshire)

Stevenston (North Ayrshire)

Stewarton (East Ayrshire)

Stirling (Stirling)

Stobwood (South Lanarkshire)

Stockbriggs (South Lanarkshire)

Stonefield (South Lanarkshire)

Stonehouse (South Lanarkshire)

Stoneyburn (West Lothian)

Stoneywood (Falkirk)

Straid (East Ayrshire)

Straiton (Midlothian)

Strathaven (South Lanarkshire)

Strathblane (Stirling)

Strathbungo (East Renfrewshire)

Strathkinness (Fife)

Strathloanhead (West Lothian)

Stravithie (Fife)

Strutherhill (South Lanarkshire)

Struthers (Fife)

Summerston (Glasgow (City))

Sunnylaw (Stirling)

Swinhill (South Lanarkshire)

Symington (South Ayrshire)

- T -

Tannochside (North Lanarkshire)

Tarbolton (South Ayrshire)

Tarbrax (South Lanarkshire)

Tarelgin (East Ayrshire)

Tashieburn (South Lanarkshire)

Temple (Glasgow (City))

Temple (Midlothian)

Templehall (Fife)

The Den (North Ayrshire)

The Knipe (East Ayrshire)

Thornliebank (East Renfrewshire)

Thornton (Borders)

Thornton (Fife)

Thornton Junction (Fife)

Thorntonloch (East Lothian)

Three Miletown (West Lothian)

Throsk (Stirling)

Tillicoultry (Clackmannanshire)

Tollcross (Glasgow (City))

Tomtain (North Lanarkshire)

Torbrex (Stirling)

Torchoillean (Argyll & Bute)

Torfichen (Midlothian)

Torphichen (West Lothian)

Torr Meadhonach (North Ayrshire)

Torrance (East Dunbartonshire)

Torranyard (North Ayrshire)

Torryburn (Fife)

Torwood (Falkirk)

Towerhill (East Ayrshire)

Townhill (Fife)

Trabboch (East Ayrshire)

Trabbochburn (East Ayrshire)

Tranent (East Lothian)

Trodigal (Argyll & Bute)

Tullibody (Clackmannanshire)

Turnhouse (Edinburgh (City))

Twechar (East Dunbartonshire)

Tynehead (Midlothian)

- U -

Uddingston (South Lanarkshire)

Uddington (South Lanarkshire)

Udstonhead (South Lanarkshire)

Ulzieside (Dumfries & Galloway)

Under Burnmouth (Borders)

Uphall (West Lothian)

Uplawmoor (East Renfrewshire)

Uppat (Highland)

Upper Keith (East Lothian)

Upper Largo (Fife)

Upper Mumble (Dumfries & Galloway)

- V -

Valleyfield (Fife)

Viewpark (North Lanarkshire)

- W -

Walkerton (Fife)

Wallacegill Muir (East Ayrshire)

Wallacestone (Falkirk)

Wallacetown (South Ayrshire)

Wallyford (East Lothian)

Wardie (Edinburgh (City))

Waterhead (East Ayrshire)

Waterloo (North Lanarkshire)

Waterside (East Ayrshire)

Waterside (East Dunbartonshire)

Waterslap (Falkirk)

Wattston (North Lanarkshire)

Wedder Dod (South Lanarkshire)

Wellhall (Clackmannanshire)

Wellwood (Fife)

West Arthurlie (East Renfrewshire)

West Brenner (North Lanarkshire)

West Calder (West Lothian)

West Clifton (West Lothian)

West Crindledyre (North Lanarkshire)

West Garleton (East Lothian)

West Linton (Borders)

West Mains (North Ayrshire)

West Mains (West Lothian)

West Orangefield (South Ayrshire)

West Parkfergus (Argyll & Bute)

West Peaston (East Lothian)

West Pitcorthie (Fife)

West Saltoun (East Lothian)

West Torphin (West Lothian)

West Wemyss (Fife)

Westcraigs (West Lothian)

Wester Clynekirton (Highland)

Wester Newburn (Fife)

Wester Ochiltree (West Lothian)

Wester Pencaitland (East Lothian)

Wester Pitkierie (Fife)

Westertown (South Lanarkshire)

Westfield (West Lothian)

Westport (Argyll & Bute)

Westquarter (Falkirk)

Westrigg (West Lothian)

Whelpside (Edinburgh (City))

Whim (Borders)

Whisgills (Borders)

Whitburn (West Lothian)

Whitecraig (East Lothian)

Whitecross (Falkirk)

Whiteside (West Lothian)

Whitletts (South Ayrshire)

Wildmanbridge (South Lanarkshire)

Wilkieston (West Lothian)

Wilsontown (South Lanarkshire)

Winchburgh (West Lothian)

Windy Standard (East Ayrshire)

Windygates (Fife)

Wishaw (North Lanarkshire)

Woodend (Fife)

Woodend (West Lothian)

Woodhouselee (Midlothian)

Woodside (Fife)

Woodside (South Ayrshire)

Woolfords (South Lanarkshire)

- Y -

Yett (South Ayrshire)

Yieldshields (South Lanarkshire)

Yoker (Glasgow (City))

Yorkston (Midlothian)


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