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Mining Reports and Property Search Services

Important Service Information: upfront Payment of Reports.

As from 1st April 2011 the Coal Authority withdrew their up front payment service where payment is made for property searches by cheque, postal order, cash or BACS/CHAPS transfer.

Mining, Ground Stability and Environmental Reports Service:

Coal mining searches are considered by property professionals as vital for anyone buying property in any coal mining area in Britain. The Coal Authority holds and maintains the national coal mining database and our mining reports service provides a fast, accurate, property-specific and cost-effective coal mining service for any property in Scotland, England and Wales.

Since 23rd October 2006, the coal mining search in England and Wales has also included information about Cheshire brine subsidence claims.

The Authority also provides a detailed Ground Stability Report which provides all the coal mining and brine subsidence claim search information outlined above, together with property specific information in simple language on the potential hazards related to natural subsidence throughout Great Britain.

On 25th January 2010, the Coal Authority launched Enviro All-in-One, a uniquely comprehensive coal mining and environmental screening report. Enviro All-in-One offers homebuyers and their advisers quick, easy and cost-effective access to the information they need to progress their property transactions.

Use our online property search service to check if a mining report is required for your property. Upon matching your address details the service will recommend if your property requires a mining report or not.

Interpretive Reports Service:

The Authority also offers an Interpretative Report service, offered to customers when a mine entry is disclosed in a report. This report will provide more detailed analysis and advice about the mine entries.

This will include a risk assessment as to whether, in the expert opinion of the Coal Authority, the main building of the property is inside or outside the possible zone of ground movement from any reported mine entry.

Please note: it may not be possible to produce a report if the main building to the property cannot be identified from Coal Authority plans (ie: for development sites and new builds).

Online Property Search Service

Online Mining Search Gazetteer

Gazetteers of England,Wales and Scotland, give an indication of where a mining report may be required. Depending on locality, two documents outline the procedure for obtaining a mining report:

The Law Society of England & Wales has published Guidance Notes to be read in conjunction with the Gazetteer of England and Wales.

The Law Society of Scotland have published Guidance Notes for their members which give more detailed information about their scheme for Coal Mining Searches. Guidance Notes to be read in conjunction with the Scotland Gazetteer.


Useful Information

Mining Reports and Records Service brochure Size: [440 KB] File Type: [.pdf]


Is your home built on safe ground?


Subsidence can be a major issue for homeowners, their lenders and insurers. Order reports online from our Property Search Service -

IFTS accredited

Following a report by OPSI, the Coal Authority has been verified as IFTS accredited.

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