Gazetteer for England and Wales (U)

Ubley (Somerset)
Uckerby (North Yorkshire)
Uckinghall (Worcestershire)
Uckington (Gloucestershire)
Uckington (Shropshire)
Uffington (Shropshire)
Ufton (Warwickshire)
Ugglebarnby (North Yorkshire)
Ughill (Derbyshire)
Ugthorpe (North Yorkshire)

Ulcat Row (Cumbria)
Ulceby (Lincolnshire)
Ulceby Cross (Lincolnshire)
Ulceby Skitter (Lincolnshire)
Ulcombe (Kent)
Uldale (Cumbria)
Uley (Gloucestershire)
Ulgham (Northumberland)
Ullenhall (Warwickshire)
Ullenwood (Gloucestershire)
Ulleskelf (North Yorkshire)
Ullesthorpe (Leicestershire)
Ulley (South Yorkshire)
Ullingswick (Herefordshire)
Ullock (Cumbria)
Ulpha (Cumbria)
Ulrome (East Riding of Yorkshire)
Ulverley Green (West Midlands)
Ulverston (Cumbria)
Umberleigh (Devon)
Under River (Kent)
Underbarrow (Cumbria)
Undercliffe (West Yorkshire)
Underdale (Shropshire)
Underley Hall (Cumbria)

Underling Green (Kent)
Underwood (Nottinghamshire)
Undy (Monmouthshire)
Unstone (Derbyshire)
Unstone Green (Derbyshire)
Unsworth (Greater Manchester)
Unthank (Cumbria)
Unthank (Derbyshire)
Unthank (Northumberland)

Unthank End (Cumbria)
Up Holland (Lancashire)
Up Mudford (Somerset)
Upchurch (Kent)
Upcott (Herefordshire)
Upcott (Somerset)
Uphampton (Herefordshire)
Uphampton (Worcestershire)
Uphill (Somerset)
Upleadon (Gloucestershire)
Upleatham (North Yorkshire)
Uplees (Kent)
Upper Affcot (Shropshire)
Upper Arley (Worcestershire)
Upper Batley (West Yorkshire)

Upper Bentley (Worcestershire)
Upper Birchwood (Derbyshire)
Upper Boat (Rhondda Cynon Taff)

Upper Brailes (Warwickshire)
Upper Breinton (Herefordshire)
Upper Broadheath (Worcestershire)
Upper Broughton (Nottinghamshire)
Upper Bush (Kent)
Upper Canada (Somerset)
Upper Catshill (Worcestershire)
Upper Chapel (Powys)
Upper Cheddon (Somerset)
Upper Coberley (Gloucestershire)
Upper Cotton (Staffordshire)
Upper Cound (Shropshire)
Upper Cudworth (South Yorkshire)
Upper Cumberworth (West Yorkshire)
Upper Cwmtwrch (Powys)
Upper Deal (Kent)
Upper Denby (West Yorkshire)
Upper Denton (Cumbria)

Upper Dinchope (Shropshire)
Upper Dunsforth (North Yorkshire)
Upper Egleton (Herefordshire)
Upper Elkstone (Staffordshire)
Upper Ellastone (Staffordshire)
Upper End (Derbyshire)
Upper Farmcote (Shropshire)
Upper Framilode (Gloucestershire)
Upper Godney (Somerset)
Upper Green (Monmouthshire)
Upper Grove Common (Herefordshire)
Upper Hackney (Derbyshire)
Upper Halling (Kent)
Upper Harbledown (Kent)
Upper Hardres Court (Kent)
Upper Hardwick (Herefordshire)
Upper Hartshay (Derbyshire)
Upper Hatherley (Gloucestershire)
Upper Hatton (Staffordshire)
Upper Haugh (South Yorkshire)

Upper Hayton (Shropshire)
Upper Heaton (West Yorkshire)
Upper Helmsley (North Yorkshire)
Upper Hergest (Herefordshire)
Upper Hiendley (West Yorkshire)
Upper Hill (Herefordshire)
Upper Hockenden (Kent)
Upper Hopton (West Yorkshire)
Upper Howsell (Worcestershire)
Upper Hulme (Staffordshire)
Upper Kilcott (Gloucestershire)
Upper Killay (Swansea)
Upper Landywood (Staffordshire)

Upper Langford (Somerset)
Upper Langwith (Derbyshire)
Upper Leigh (Staffordshire)
Upper Ley (Gloucestershire)
Upper Littleton (Somerset)
Upper Longdon (Staffordshire)
Upper Ludstone (Shropshire)
Upper Lydbrook (Gloucestershire)
Upper Lyde (Herefordshire)
Upper Lye (Herefordshire)
Upper Maes-coed (Herefordshire)
Upper Midhope (Derbyshire)
Upper Milton (Worcestershire)
Upper Moor (Worcestershire)
Upper Moor Side (West Yorkshire)
Upper Netchwood (Shropshire)
Upper Nobut (Staffordshire)
Upper Padley (Derbyshire)
Upper Poppleton (North Yorkshire)
Upper Pulley (Shropshire)
Upper Quinton (Warwickshire)
Upper Rochford (Worcestershire)
Upper Sapey (Herefordshire)
Upper Shuckburgh (Warwickshire)
Upper Slaughter (Gloucestershire)
Upper Soudley (Gloucestershire)
Upper Spond (Herefordshire)
Upper Standen (Kent)
Upper Strensham (Worcestershire)
Upper Swell (Gloucestershire)
Upper Tankersley (South Yorkshire)
Upper Tean (Staffordshire)

Upper Threapwood (Cheshire)
Upper Town (Derbyshire)
Upper Town (Durham)
Upper Town (Herefordshire)
Upper Town (Somerset)
Upper Tysoe (Warwickshire)
Upper Upnor (Kent)
Upper Vobster (Somerset)
Upper Weston (Somerset)
Upper Wick (Worcestershire)
Upper Wyche (Worcestershire)
Upperby (Cumbria)
Uppermill (Greater Manchester)
Upperthong (West Yorkshire)
Upperthorpe (Derbyshire)
Upperthorpe (Lincolnshire)
Uppertown (Derbyshire)
Upperup (Gloucestershire)
Upperwood (Derbyshire)
Uppington (Shropshire)
Upsall (North Yorkshire)
Upstreet (Kent)
Upton (Cheshire)
Upton (Cumbria)

Upton (East Riding of Yorkshire)
Upton (Leicestershire)
Upton (Lincolnshire)
Upton (Merseyside)
Upton (Nottinghamshire)
Upton (Pembrokeshire)
Upton (Somerset)
Upton (Warwickshire)
Upton (West Yorkshire)
Upton Cheyney (Gloucestershire)

Upton Cressett (Shropshire)
Upton Crews (Herefordshire)
Upton Heath (Cheshire)
Upton Magna (Shropshire)
Upton Noble (Somerset)
Upton Snodsbury (Worcestershire)
Upton St. Leonards (Gloucestershire)
Upton upon Severn (Worcestershire)
Upton Warren (Worcestershire)
Urdimarsh (Herefordshire)
Ure Bank (North Yorkshire)
Urlay Nook (Durham)
Urmston (Greater Manchester)
Urra (North Yorkshire)
Ushaw Moor (Durham)
Usk (Monmouthshire)
Usselby (Lincolnshire)
Usworth (Tyne & Wear)
Utkinton (Cheshire)

Utley (West Yorkshire)
Utterby (Lincolnshire)
Uttoxeter (Staffordshire)
Uzmaston (Pembrokeshire)


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