Land and Property Ownership Enquiries

From time to time the Authority is requested to provide information relating to land and property previously owned by its successors the National Coal Board/British Coal Corporation. Whilst the Authority retains many of the records held by its predecessors it no longer has the resources to respond to these requests as it may have previously done so.

Accordingly in the first instance all enquiries should be directed to the Land Registry who are the UK Government department responsible for registering land and property ownership in England and Wales.  
Typical costs charged by the Land Registry for providing information are currently as follows (based on Fee Order July 2009):
  • Search of index map (SIM) - £5
  • Copy of register - £8
  • Copy of title plan - £8
  • Copy of documents referred to in register - £12


In the event that the Land Registry has been unable to provide a satisfactory response, the Authority may be able to assist.
Prior to carrying out any work however, you must provide the Authority with the following:
  • An extract from 1:2500 Ordnance Survey Plan identifying the Property which is the subject of the enquiry
  • A copy of the Certificate of the result of search of the Index Map (SIM – obtained from the Land Registry)
  • Copies of the Registers and Title Plan of each of the titles revealed in the Certificate
  • Cheque for £150 (inclusive of VAT) made payable to “The Coal Authority”
This fee is to cover the initial work which will need to be carried out by the Authority’s staff and is non-refundable. Should it be necessary for more extensive work to be undertaken, further charges (including any incurred by the Authority’s agents – e.g. site investigation) may be levied. These further charges must be paid in advance.
It is important to note that the Coal Authority will only provide copies of documents and will not provide property/legal advice in relation to land ownership matters.


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