Procurement of goods and services for operational purposes

The Coal Authority has contracts in place with a variety of third party organisations to provide a wide range of its requirements.

If you are interested in providing services to the Authority or wish to find out more about a particular contract, please email the procurement team. Alternatively you may register yourself on our eTendering portal which provides details of current opportunities. 

Renewable and Recently Awarded Contracts

Information detailed in the files below includes details of contracts which are awarded for a fixed period but which are likely to be renewed after the expiry date for ongoing requirements which include frameworks and term contracts. The information provided contains basic details of the contract description, the current provider and relevant dates. Details are also provided on a monthly basis on contracts awarded for one off specific requirements.

Recently awarded/current contracts Size: [79 KB] File Type: [.pdf]

The following contracts have been orgainsed by location, however, the categories descriptions summarised below may also help you find a particular contract requirement.

Renewable contracts Size: [30 KB] File Type: [.pdf]

Contract Categories:

  • Facilities Management - incorporating a wide range of activities from maintenance of office equipment, disposal of products, landscape maintenance and planting, car hire, catering, cleaning and security services.
  • Services - including a wide range of professional services that the Authority needs to meet its duties, such as engineering design services, quantity surveying and surveying, legal, human resources, financial services, information, public and corporate relations, valuation, property and land management including acquisition.
  • Analysis - the Authority needs to undertake testing and sampling of water, gases and soils. It also monitors the movement of tips.
  • Construction - covers a wide range of activities from civil engineering of minewater treatment schemes to minor civils requirements such as fencing and dealing with ground collapses, and builders and decorators for repairs to properties.
  • O&M - the Authority operates and maintains a number of sites through out the UK, which ranged from the operation of minewater treatment plants using chemicals to maintenance of much smaller sites requiring general tidying and fencing repairs.
  • Drilling - the Authority has requirements for drilling of boreholes and for site/ground investigation works.
  • ICT - incorporates all aspects of information technology requirements from the provision of services, and the supply of hardware and software.


  • Mansfield HQ, Site Specific (ie: London), UK Coalfield Regions (All), Regional Contracts

Whistle Blowing Policy

The Authority conducts its procurement practices under best practice and government guidelines and seeks to manage its contractual relationships to obtain best value for the public.  In order to support this the Authority has a Whistle Blowing Policy that can be used by any one to report any matter that does not support this aim.  Whilst the Policy does not specifically refer to contractors or consultants and their employees it equally applies to the activities they undertake for the Authority.



This policy supports the Authority's Environmental Policy by setting out the principles through which the procurement of goods and services will be delivered.


The May 2014 Procurement Update shows contracts tendered during 2012/13 and highlights procurement strategy progress to date.

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