Development Management (Planning Applications)



Please select the plan below of the Local Authority area or use the Interactive Map Viewer to check whether or not your development site is located within the defined Development High Risk Area (titled “Referral Area” on the pdf plan below).

If you are submitting a planning application for new development within the Development High Risk Area (“Referral Area”) it is likely that you will need to submit a Coal Mining Risk Assessment to the Local Planning Authority in support of your application. For more information please refer to our Resources for Developers.

Coal Mining Risk Assessments need to be informed by up to date coal mining information. Site specific coal mining information can be obtained by purchasing a Coal Mining Report or from alternative sources.

Certain types of development are exempt from the requirement to submit a Coal Mining Risk Assessment with a planning application. Instead, Local Planning Authorities will include an Informative Note within the Decision Notice and you may be required to consider land stability and coal mining legacy as part of any subsequent Building Regulations/Standards application.

Other Relevant Coal Mining Information

The Coal Authority holds other information on coal mining which is relevant to development management.

Caerphilly (Caerffili) - Surface Coal Resources Size: [12.67 MB] File Type: [.pdf]


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