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Statutory Planning Consultation Responses

Planning - Local Authorities and Coalfields (map extract)

The Planning and Local Authority Liaison Department is the primary point of contact between the Coal Authority and Local Planning Authorities on the coalfields of England, Scotland and Wales on all matters relating to the Coal Authority’s interests. We devise and manage the Coal Authority's involvement in the Planning Processes across England, Scotland and Wales to ensure that full consideration is given to the safe, sustainable development with regard to the risks from the legacy of coal mining and that due regard is given to the future exploitation of coal resources.

The Coal Authority is actively involved as a consultee in both the Development Plans Process (the process by which long term planning strategies and policy documents are prepared by Local Planning Authorities) and the Development Management Process (the process by which planning applications are determined by Local Planning Authorities).


Map of Local Government Authorities and Coalfields Size: [3.94 MB] File Type: [.pdf]


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