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Licences for Coal Mining.

Any activity which intersects, disturbs or enters any of the Authority's coal interests requires our prior written authorisation.

This authorisation can take the form of either a Licence, an Agreement or a Permit, depending upon the activity to be carried out.

The following activities require a Licence or Agreement, and are dealt with by the Authority's Licensing department:

  • The mining of coal
  • Exploration for coal or deep drilling through coal for other purposes (e.g. water abstraction)
  • Underground coal gasification
  • Digging and carrying away of coal during non-coal mining related activities (incidental coal)
  • Exploration and exploitation of coal methane

To apply for a licence, please see our model documents for licences and permits

Activities including initial site investigation boreholes and any subsequent treatment of abandoned coal mine workings and coal mine entries for ground stability purposes require you to apply for a permit. 

Fees for Licensing and payments for Coal Size: [121 KB] File Type: [.pdf]

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