Model Documents for Licensing and Permissions Applications

Following on from the review of our Licensing & Permissions process in Jan/Feb 2012, we have reviewed the feedback we received and have improved our Licensing policies accordingly.

These include issuing an updated and revised set of model documents and also introducing an enforcement register so we can better regulate our licensing activities and ensure a consistent approach. 

Please see the zip files for all the new documents. These documents are also available individually below.
Licensing Model Documents Size: [5.83 MB] File Type: [.zip]
Licensing Enforcement Policy and Letters Size: [178 KB] File Type: [.zip]

Any activity which intersects, disturbs or enters any of the Authority's coal interests requires our prior written authorisation. This authorisation can take the form of either a Licence, an Agreement or a Permit, depending upon the activity to be carried out.

Application Guidance Notes:

  1. Guidance Notes - Application for Coal Methane Access Agreement
  2. Guidance Notes - Application for Exploration Licences
  3. Guidance Notes - Application for Minewater Heat Recovery Access Agreements 
  4. Guidance Notes - Application for Surface & Underground Coal Mining Licences 
  5. Guidance Notes - Application for Underground Coal Gasification Licences
  6. Guidance Notes - Application for Incidental Coal Licences


Model Licences, Leases and Agreements:

  1. Coal Bed Methane Supplemental Access Agreement
  2. Coal Methane Access Agreement
  3. Exploration Licence
  4. Incidental Coal Agreement
  5. Minewater Heat Recovery Access Agreement
  6. Minewater Heat Recovery Supplemental Access Agreement
  7. Option Agreement
  8. Surface Mining Conditional Licence
  9. Surface Mining Lease
  10. Surface Mining Operating Licence
  11. Underground Coal Gasification Conditional Licence
  12. Underground Coal Gasification Lease
  13. Underground Coal Gasification Operating Licence
  14. Underground Coal Gasification Policy
  15. Underground Conditional Licence
  16. Underground Mining Lease
  17. Underground Operating Licence


Miscellaneous Documents:

  1. Assignment Requirements
  2. Deed of Indemnity
  3. Guidance Notes for Subsidence Security
  4. Interaction Agreement Flow Diagrams
  5. Interaction Agreement
  6. Security Deed
  7. Security Deposit Deed



  1. Licensing Enforcement Policy
  2. Audit Certificate Letter
  3. Subsidence Claims Letter
  4. Tonnage Returns Letter
  5. Working Plan Letter 1
  6. Working Plan Letter 2



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